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Modern Wallpaper & Unique Wallpaper Prints

And the best plaster award goes to...modern wallpaper. Wallpaper is back in a big way, and our selection of chic wallpaper is the modern home accent you need. Lying somewhere between casual and formal, these eclectic designs create an immersive experience every time you look at them. Is your green thumb itching for a taste of the garden? Invite floral-inspired wallpaper inside. Think quaint blooms for a romantic vibe, or go bold with the bright hues of peonies and dahlias. Either way, a hanging mirror above an acrylic console table rounds out the flowering aesthetic. If you're the type who prefers to be surrounded by refined flair, pull influence from European design. Uncomplicated yet elaborate, distressed flourishes are a seamless fit for a powder room or study. Too subtle for your taste? Contemplate modern black and white wallpaper in geometric shapes or multidimensional styles instead—adding a bit of unexpected character to a sitting room or bedroom. Tip: position some sort of lighting—table lamps and floor lamps in reading nooks, living rooms, and bedrooms, or chandeliers in dining rooms and entryways—near the wall to illuminate the pattern.