In the Spotlight: Lamps, Chandeliers and More Contemporary Lighting

Always a bright idea, contemporary lighting makes a statement in any space. Take table lamps—the versatile fixtures perk up big and small areas alike. Whether you prop one on each side table in the living room or position them on the nightstands in the bedroom, they have the power to give the room Instagrammable symmetry. Or, if you want to mix things up, go with a couple different table lamp styles in the same space: think mixing tall and short ones for depth. Add some cohesion to the eclectic display by finding lamps in a similar color scheme, whether edgy black, bright whites or playful colors speak to you.

Prefer to keep your surfaces clear to maximize storage? No worries—there are floor lamps in ultra-modern designs, too. For overhead lighting above the accent chair, think about going with an arc lamp. Bonus if it's a dimmable one so you can customize a comfortable brightness level. Going for something more unexpected? Whether you put it in the living room or home office, a floor lamp with a sculptural base is sure to catch the eye. An assortment of orb lights gives a retro vibe, while angular silhouettes feel contemporary. Or, deck out your space with floor lamps that feature unique accents: think leather bases or metal shades.

Another take for modern lighting: ceiling lighting like flush mounts and chandeliers. For a focal point in the dining room or bedroom, get a fixture made of unique materials installed—alabaster, quartz, rattan or capiz ones deliver a modern natural feel. Or, if you prefer the no-fail combination of glass and metal, add some drama by finding different unexpected details: shape, bulb type and color included. As a different approach, keep things low-key with an understated flush mount featuring a glass globe or fabric drum. Either way, the simple design lets other decor in the room take center stage.