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Design Savvy. Modern Interior Inspiration

Show other CB2ers how you do you. Love sharing modern interior inspiration ideas? Good. Think of this page like an idea board, where you and other style-fluent individuals gather to inspire and feel inspired. The process is easy enough—just upload your personal pics with the #MyCB2 hashtag, whether they show a breezy reading room, suave powder room or pup-friendly living room, and wait for the likes to come pouring in. Would you rather browse images from social media? No problem. Sharing images to and from Instagram and Facebook is easy as can be. Wait, it gets even better. You have the option to showcase prominent items in your photo. After adding an image, you can add a caption and direct others to specific products that are featured. Just click the “shop now” button on the enlarged image’s sidebar to explore furniture, accessories and home decor.