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Elevate your tablescape with modern serving platters and serving trays. Whether you are serving appetizers, dessert, a main course or happy hour cocktails display your arrangement on a serving platter for a sophisticated presentation. Whether hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or a weekend soiree, serving boards and platters on a nearby credenza make it easy for guests to serve themselves. At a formal gathering, glass, marble and white serving platters are a great option, while wood serving trays are better suited for a casual affair. For a contemporary twist, opt for a black serving platter, travertine serving tray, metal serving platter or an acrylic tray. Keep in mind contemporary platters and unique serving trays aren't just for food. Use them as everyday home decor when you style them on a coffee table or console table in your entryway. No matter which serving platter you choose, every host needs one in their collection of serveware.