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Soft and Luxe: New Modern Rugs

Making a statement. Bring your floor up to speed with the rest of the room when adding a new modern rug. Want to start each day on the right foot? Position a high-pile rug alongside the king bed, or go with the subtle look of a hand-tufted one. Either way, the plush comfort below floats beneath your feet until you're ready to put on a pair of nearby slippers. Once in the living room, let the durable nature of a nylon-blend rug absorb daily wear and tear—adding extra interest by layering with one or two other rugs in different patterns and textures. Think solid black under stripes for a simple look, or a multicolor abstract design over fringe for something more eclectic. Do you often host outdoor soirees? Find a new modern rug that withstands the elements, such as jute on the patio or polyester on a covered porch. No matter what your style, a rug that's reversible helps maintain a like-new look.